Saturday, November 6, 2010

Giggle Monster

I think he is close to the 15lbs mark, about 24" long. And he is quickly out growing his 3-6 month clothes! One day a shirt fits him just fine, the next week I put it on and the sleeves are starting to inch up his arms! I tried to put a pair of pants on that he wore at 4 weeks. HA! What a joke! They fit him up to his knees anyway!
He yells as us when he wants attention and someone to banter with. It is a YELL. Not a scream. But an AHH!!! Like, HEY! Someone pay attention to me! The minute you look at him, he smiles, laughs and will start chattering!
Jay is the best at this so far. I get smiles and agoo's. But Jay gets full out conversations. Alaa, he makes Zane laugh until it looks like his cheeks are going to fall off!
He still loves his pouch to be carried around in, but there have been times where he does an ET impersonation. He stretches his neck out and looks around and up at the tree's. Trying to gather it all in.
One thing that I just adore is that when we wake up at 7am for the day, he is full of smiles. It's like he is so happy to have another day in front of him!
He loves his dog Chip. It's his best buddy. He loves to suck on his hand. The silly boy will not take a pacifier. So different from his sister that constantly had that thing in her mouth for 2 1/2 years. He has also taken to sucking on his bottom lip. And can mimic you when you blow raspberries.
He still hates his stroller and car seat most days. Screams like his arm is being pulled off. Which has made for some interesting drives and trips out of the house.

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Mamaskylark said...

I am reliving the joys of motherhood through your words! :-) Thank you!