Wednesday, October 20, 2010

8 Weeks!

Can you believe that 8 weeks have passed! Well, today Zane is officially 2 months old. Every time I look at him I go through the same thing every parent does. How did we manage to live with out him!? He seems like he has always been here!
We are still doing a lot of adjusting, figuring out sleep and how to keep up with the house work, etc.
I screwed things up the other day, but at the time I thought I was doing so well! I managed to get Zane to nap for 3, yes THREE hours. He was soo nice and happy after than. I had to feed him for a good 45 minutes after he woke up though! But then we went to the book store. And guess who slept the entire 2 hours? Yep. Zane.
So, that night he slept, but not very well. He was very restless all night long. Very agitated it seemed. So yesterday it was back to 30 minutes here, 45 there. Today, he had a good 2 hour nap, which is a typical morning nap and he is now 2 hours later taking another snooze. We will see how long this one lasts!
Zane saw his new family doctor yesterday. He is a whopping 13lbs 8oz. But he did have a slightly wet diaper on, so take a few ounces off of that. And 63cm long. Which is like 24" I think. Lena at this age was 11lbs 4oz, and 21 1/2" long. Boys are just bigger I guess!
The doctor wasn't that happy with the fact that I am delaying and selectively vaccinating Zane. She said it would mess up her schedule by doing that. Well, too bad. I am still trying to decide if he will get the full set of DTaP Polio and Hib. He will not be getting the MMR, or Varcilla, but will have his blood tested at the age of 3 to see about immunity. He may at that time get the Varcilla, not sure about the MMR yet.
Anyway, things are different this time around. I feel like I have a better knowledge of things and are more comfortable in my skin when it comes to standing up for things I believe in.
Zane is doing great. He is agoooing and abooing and is making other noises on a regular basis.
He LOVES his baths and I have been floating him in them. I hold his head and let his body free float. He gets sooo excited and kicks his legs with a smile on his face. Finally, a kid who loves the water!
Lena is ever the big sister! She is always yelling at us to stop having fun with Zane until she can come and see it too!
His Cousin Khulood watched him for 2 hours on Saturday. I don't think he gave her tooo much of a hard time. But it was the first time someone other than Jay or I watched him!
Here is to another good 4 weeks!

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