Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Adventures of Super Zane!

Well, this month has a been a big one! Rolling over both ways was a great way to start it off! 
This boy is a like a machine. I swear he is going to be crawling any day now. He just wants to get up and RUN if he could. He is so curious and wants to explore everything. 
I go two deals of a life time this month. The first one is my Zooper Boogie Stroller. For those of you who don't know, it's like a 4 wheel drive suburban of the stroller world. While we purchased a car back in November, I still walk a LOT. And being that we live in Canada, there is what we call snow. Now, an ordinary stroller will not work in the snow. Trust me. I see mom's struggling daily trying to put their tiny 4-5" wheels through the fluffy, and often slushy white stuff. 
The Zooper Boogie has 12", yes, 12" air filled wheels. I have no problem getting through the snow. Zane sits up high and can see out when I don't have him buried under 4 layers to protect him from the wind. It's a nice smooth ride for him. Plus, it has a HUGE basket underneath, so I can run to the grocery store with it. =) 
I did have to re-organize our storage locker so I would have a place to store it, because it takes up some serious space. 
Oh, and the retail price PRE TAX is $460. What did I pay for it you ask? $50 thanks to craigslist and a dad who just wanted it out of the garage! 
My second deal was the nothing wrong with it, high chair found in the what the heck do I do with it pile in the basement. Everyone drops things off down there by the recycling. Things like old couches, broken TV's, you name it. Well, I was headed off to Walmart to look at a booster style seat for Zane as he drives us up the flipping wall wanting to participate in dinner. I spied this on the way to my car. I grabbed the other seat, just in case, and it will now be returned.

Despite all our attempts to not let Zane have any solids until between 6-9 months have been obliterated. The boy MUST have food. He freaks out when he sees us eat and wants what ever it is in his mouth. 
We have moved on from the rice cereal. 
I started with Banana's. He loves sweet potatoes. And I just tried some yogurt, which he LOVED. Today I got some pear to make, some avocado and some applesauce. 
Lena never did the baby food thing. She just wasn't interested in food until later. Which was fine. But Zane has his own agenda!
I have some great pictures of him using one of these, filled with banana. Kept him entertained for a good 30 minutes. He had to be taken out and hosed down afterwards. But it was oh so much fun! 

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