Saturday, June 15, 2013

Care Packages

We just received our care package as I like to call it. Technically it's items that I ordered from the states. I order them from Amazon, or tell my parents what to get, then they box it up and ship it to us. It's a long frustrating wait, waiting for that box to get all the way over here to our little village in Israel. But every time one of those boxes arrive, we all get giddy with excitement as to what this box will hold.
This time it was new books for Zane. Thank goodness as I am getting sick of reading Sammy the Seal, and Rumble in the Jungle over and over and over. It also had 3 new books for Lena. One of which she has yet to set down.

Also included was a nice collection of movies!!! We are so excited to watch them all. TV here is very limited on it's English channels. We have about 8-10 total, and 3 of those are news channels. We have poured through our DVD collection and if I have to watch Ice Age, Toy Story or Madagascar one more time, my head will self destruct.
OTC medication was also included. One thing that is lacking here, is the same variety of  OTC meds at ridiculously low prices (thanks Walmart). Here 16 Advil can run you $8. I had my parents send me 1,000 generic ibuprofen for $13. BIG difference. We now share with the family. 

My one wish would be real mail from friends and family. I really miss friendships and correspondence outside of emails. Christmas cards are the biggest. I know it's a little more to send a card to Israel rather than locally, but if you can spare the buck, please, drop something in the mail to us. Lena LOVES getting things in the mail. She really misses everyone and everything. Little trinkets, toys, books, stickers, post cards... you name it. 

Erin Dacca
P.O. Box 5220
Zemer-Marja, Israel

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