Monday, April 11, 2016

Italy Pt. 2

After exploring a little, we decided to get some rest before our big first full day in Rome. We had tickets for a tour and meet up was at 9:45am. The hotel provided a "free" breakfast. I enjoyed my very first Latte Machiatto. Yuuummm!
After, we hit the road.
Our first view of the Colosseum. So excited!

We took a tour using City Wonders Tour
We highly recommend using this tour. Patricia was an excellent guide, as an archaeologist and life long resident of Rome, she was able to provide us with more information that we would have been able to find on our own.

After the Colosseum we walked over to The Forum. 
Which was basically downtown Rome back in the day.   

Arch of Constantine

Original Temple in the Forum, currently a church.
 You can see the cut marks at the top from the ropes they attached to try to pull them down.

Everything used to be covered in walkways paved like this.

Head removed and sold.

When we left Palatine Hill, we were supposed to turn left and we turned right. So we got a very long backyard view of the place until we figured out that I screwed up and headed back the right way. 
We headed over to a nice little restaurant where I ordered everything wrong and ended up just getting a pizza in the end, headed back to the hotel for a short snooze and started out again. Every neighborhood seems to have a fountain, and about 10 churches.

Piazza Della Republica

Some really ugly head bowls for sale on the street.

Quattro Fontane (The four fountains)

We were on the hunt for the Trevi Fountain and we weren't exactly sure which way to go.
We passed by more churches

And official buildings with lots of guards.

And then there it was, the Trevi Fountain.

We felt like we were in Las Vegas! 

The streets are so cool. They are all paved with small pavers, restaurants all carve out a small seating area that jets out into the street. Cars actually drive down here. They are all so patient, never honking, just parting the people like Moses parting the Red Sea.

More monuments...

Motorcycles everywhere.

Turn the corner and BAM! It's the Pantheon!

There was a very high level of police at all the major sites.

Inside the Pantheon.

In my research I found a website that said the best espresso was to be found at St. Eustachio-Il Caffe. I failed to take a picture of the outside, but Jay was very impressed, and drank it like a true Roman, standing up!

Afterwards we wandered the streets, saw lots of local art performers, made a few purchases, and came upon Piazza Novana.

Fire Dancer

Jay looking cool, but really his feet were screaming at him. 
After this, we wandered back to the hotel. We had a train to catch in the morning!

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