Monday, September 1, 2008


Ramadan began officially today. It's pretty lethargic around here right now with everyone fasting. Basically if you are healthy enough to fast, Islam asks for you to do it. I kind of felt guilty eating breakfast and lunch today. But they assured us it was fine. Basically for 29-30 days they fast during the day, then the second the sun sets, all mayhem breaks loose. =0) Food is prepared in the morning and through out the day in anticipation for the feast that will take place. Family members, friends, neighbors show up as soon as the sun goes down with boxes of food. Rice, sugar, cakes, soda, fruits, and vegetables. They typically can live months off what they get. The Veranda downstairs will be loaded by the time it's over.
We had a little taste of what was to come the other night. A brother of a sisters husband showed up. I had no idea what was going on. Next thing I know we are all trying to go to bed when 10 extra people invaded the house. Jays mom is a stickler for tradition and wanted us to come meet EVERYONE and sit and have tea. We are not into that. We just want to live our little lives and if there is someone we are interested in saying hello to, we will. But we will not sit up at 11pm drink tea and be sociable. It is going to be an interesting month, but I look forward to it at the same time. Sometimes it can be fun, but others you just want to close yourself in and hide.

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