Friday, August 29, 2008

A new friend

Well I can't say I have been busy exactly. We haven't been doing much other than relaxing and watching Lena have the time of her life.
But, 2 days ago I met someone. He isn't exactly the best looking guy, nor did he smell that great. His love of chicken skin kind of grossed me out. But once he got to know me, he is beginning to think I am ok. And I think he is adorable.
He is about 5 weeks old. We found him inside the engine of a car. He was not too happy to be in there, nor to be poked out with a broom handle. He wanted nothing to do with us. We chased him to a corner, where he promptly hissed and swatted at us. I lured him out from under a cabinet using some chicken. I was the hero of the day. No one could believe I was able to get him out. He was scared and sooo hungry. There are tons of wild cats in Israel. Every where you go, you see at least one if not more hanging out. I think it helps keep the critters down from the nearby farms.
I set him free after we stuffed him full of food and all petted him until I thought his fur would fall off. He ran like his bum was on fire. Some other cats came around and I thought there was hope one was his mom and would take him home. Nope.
So last night I found him again. He was much friendlier towards me this time. He knew I had food. All the adults are laughing at me, saying I must have the happiest heart around to want to take care of a scruffy, smelly, flea ridden kitten, whose ears are bigger than it's head. But once Sammy realizes you aren't going to hurt him, he rubs his little 5oz body against you, meowing the quietest meow, he is your best buddy. He is still skittish and will cry for you if you leave him, then run away to hide.
I go outside in the am and meow. Next thing I hear is a meow in return! I pull out the hot dog and break off pieces and toss it in his direction. Out he comes. A little shocked that I actually returned with more food! He blinks sleepily at me and meows like "hello, boy am I glad to see you!". I made him a little box home. He seemed to think it was ok. I am hoping after a while he will sleep there rather than under the cabinets that are filled with spider webs.
I hope he survives. He is such a little bony thing. I am saving leftovers for him and chopping it up. He will forever be an outside cat, but for now, he is my friend.

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Julie said...

HOW CUTE!!!!!!!

~Dec Moms