Friday, August 15, 2008

Day 2

It's our third morning. We all took drugs last night in an attempt to get some real sleep. It worked, kind of. We went to bed at 12:20 am, slept until the God forsaken rooster woke us up at 5am. We stayed in bed until 6:45.
Thursday morning Lena and I woke up at 3:30 am. Happy happy joy joy. We got ready for the day and let Jay sleep in until 7:30. He got up, showered and we headed down stairs to enjoy the Le Meridian's buffet breakfast. I wish I had a camera for this one. If the people of Israel can do one thing, it's eat. My goodness. I honestly have never seen such mayhem over food. There is everything from pancakes made fresh in front of your eye's to pickled herring. (gag) After we ate, we went back to our room and put on our swim suites. We walked down to the beach, picked a nice spot and enjoyed the Mediterranean Sea. I have never in my life been in a warm water ocean. It was weird! There was very little sea weed, which is nice since it gives me the heabie jeabies. Lena enjoyed the waves, and learned how to ride them.
Now Israel is filled with people from every walks of life. We saw naked 2 year olds running around and we saw extremely religious people covered from head to toe swimming. The old Jewish ladies crack me up. They stand around in their ill fitting swim suites, with their swim caps on and think they look like the hottest 20 year old anyone has ever seen. There are no body issues here. One of my favorite moments, besides watching my child giddy with glee over playing in the sand, was when we went to the outdoor showers to get the sand off.
Here is a visual. 80 year old man wearing a speedo washing off his private parts. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. The women were pulling they're tops out to wash the sand off them, it was just so funny and refreshing to not care about your wobbly thighs.
So we got back to the hotel, took real showers and figured we would get some Felafal for lunch. Got in the car and 2 seconds later, Lena is sound asleep. She stays that way for 7 hours. Can't wake her up. She is a complete goner.
I tried my best to stay awake. Didn't work. I crawled into bed about 2:30, woke up at 5, went back to sleep at 5:15, took a shower at 6:30 and woke back up at 8. lol
We decided to come visit Jay's mom here in Baka. Food is awating. We eat, Lena plays and then we crash.

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