Friday, August 15, 2008

Where do I begin?

I had completely forgotten about this blog. But now since we have embarked on a huge journey in life, I think it would be a fun place to keep everyone updated on things.
As you may or may not know, we are in Israel. We aren't quiet sure how long we will be here.
We just survived our 3rd night. We have jet lag from hell and are trying to adjust to the time change, which is a 10 hour difference from Nevada.
Monday, August 11th, Grampa Mark drove Lena and I to the San Fransisco Airport. Jawad aka Jay from here on out, was already in Israel waiting for us. He arrived earlier than us to try to get things ready for our arrival. He succeeded in some parts, but just didn't quite hit the mark on others. Like getting over his jet lag before we came. =) He was just too excited and had too much to do to bother with sleep. So now we are all struggling to get caught up.
Here is what occurred the first day we arrived.

The flights were all great. We flew British Airways, one step above coach. Very nice.The airport here in a nightmare. I hate it. As soon as I landed I thought, I never want to come through here ever again. lol I had dressed up all pretty with some nice shoes. Boy was that a HUGE mistake. My feel swelled up on the flight and it was painful to walk. You have to walk about 1/2 a mile through the airport to get out. People here are the rudest pushiest people I have ever met. If you stop you WILL get run over, they don't care what your age is. And they don't apologize. We got through customs and went to find our luggage. I was really hoping Jay was going to be able to meet us before getting it, but nope. So I am standing around a baggage carousel waiting. I had gotten two carts and set Lena up to guard them. I warned her about the people and sure enough some guy walked by, hit one of the carts and knocked it into Lena. He never said sorry or anything.
So I stand there for a good 15 minutes waiting for our bags. Nothing. Then the conveyor belt stops. OH SHIT. I started to panic. Then I realize that it's not from our flight! So I grab Lena and start running around trying to find the one for our flight. NON of the things say our flight. I am on the verge of tears, sweating like a mo fo and trying to protect Lena and what little bags we carried on. Finally I deposit her and run around checking ever carousel. ( there had to be over 500 people getting there bags, plus about 50 of them were at the lost luggage thing.) I spotted one of my bags, yelled to Lena to stay put, and got the bags! One hour after our flight landed!
Anyway, Finally get out of there and see Jay! His brother and nephew were there to help out. It was so nice! We got flowers and lots and lots of hugs to go around. =)
So we walk to the parking garage and the elevator is shut down! lol So Jay walks up the stairs and gets the car. We load up and head to his moms house. She and lots of other family members great us, then we are shoved into seats and giving food! lol Food cures all right? It's so muggy that my dress is now wet and clinging to me. Lena is so freaking excited she is running around like a chicken with her head cut off. We checked out our new diggs upstairs, very nice! They bought an entire bedroom set for us, installed an a/c unit in our room. So we hung out for a bit, let Lena play with some kids and threw a bag together and headed here to Haifa. Jay has a hotel room waiting for us. It's ON the beach. You walk outside and down the steps and there is the ocean. SO NICE! We can hardly walk at this point. OH, we had to stop and get Lena a car seat from Toys R Us. lol We sleep for about 6 hours and decide we had better get up. We took showers and went down the block and ate on the beach. GREAT food. Then went to Super Cell, a grocery store ( it's now 9:30pm) and got some food for the hotel and toothpaste. lol Came back to the hotel and went for a walk on the boardwalk. We ended up back at the hotel about midnight and we were all asleep by 12:30. Lena woke up at 3:30 wanting to come into our bed. woohoo. She fidgeted for a while till I told her to go watch the i-pod touch. She wouldn't stop pestering me, so here I am, at 5am awake.
Jay has finally gotten some MUCH needed sleep.

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