Monday, August 18, 2008

Coq au vin anyone?

They say I will get used to it and wont hear it anymore. I want to know when that will be. I am beginning to think the rooster is blind or is an insomniac looking for some love. Aren't roosters supposed to crow at dawn? Not at 9:15. 12:30, 5:00, and every 15 minutes or less from there on out until 9:45?
Why people here are allowed to keep them in their yards are beyond me. Most people here have cages with pigeons ( good eats) or chickens. The people next door have a rooster. At least they got rid of their yappy little dog that thought the air was the enemy. And have seemed to stop constantly yelling at their son, who wasn't doing anything wrong from what I could see.
And can we talk about the humidity? The rooms here have individual air conditioning. So it's an if you are in the room, turn it on, out, off. How ever, the kitchen, and bathroom do not have such nice devices. They are like sauna's 24/ 7. I don' t know how they aren't all weighing 98lbs or dropping dead from heat exhaustion. Yesterday I migrated between this room where the computer is, and our bedroom.
Since we basically came here with very little and there are a million kids to play with, we decided to hit Toys R Us. Yes, they have TRU here in Israel. =) We got Lena a new scooter, and a new drivey car, Stephanie, help me out here, what are they called? She loves it! The floors are all tile or indoor outdoor carpet, so she is having a ball. Huge porch/ veranda outside that they play on. I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't loose at least 5 lbs from all the play/ sweating and being just too busy to eat. Wish I could say the same. =)

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