Monday, October 20, 2008

It's the end of the road

There is a song from last years So You Think You Can Dance.

When something ends Something begins,
But now it's just the end of the road
When someone loses someone wins
But now it's just the end of the road
Don't get to fix it if it doesn't break
But now it's just the end of the road
When you gotta leave
It makes you wanna stay
I know it's the end of the road

We are heading home in the morning. Our time here in Israel is over. We are on the road to a new adventure.
Our time here has been interesting. Very challenging at times. We didn't get to do half of what we wanted, but there is always next time. I have learned a lot about the culture here, about the family dynamics. And lots of new Arabic!
Lena actually cried when we said we were coming home. She is so excited about seeing her friends again. And so am I.
I am going to miss things like the incredible food, the fresh fresh fruit, the interesting driving techniques... The people are all very friendly and always welcome you with open arms, and lots of food.
Now, it's time to start our new lives in Canada.

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