Friday, September 10, 2010

3 weeks old!!!

Happy 3 week birthday little man!
Yesterday we had an appointment with the midwife for his 2 week check up. A little late, but better late than never!
He had his hearing screening. He passed on his left ear, but his right got a Refer. It doesn't mean that he can't hear out of that ear, but that it could have wax, or something else making it fail. So next Friday we go to the hearing clinic to have it tested.
My big boy really IS a big boy! At birth he weighed 8lbs 8oz. On day one he dropped to 7lbs 13oz. Then on day 3 he was back UP to 8lbs even!
Well, yesterday he was 9lbs 9oz!! That is a 1lbs 1oz gain in 3 weeks! Way to go Zane!!
He has been really gassy the last few days. I am not sure what got to him, but we are trying different things. First was Kolic, which is Gripe Water. It did ok, but you could still see he was in distress and farting up a storm. Today I got him some Ovol drops. We will see how they work. He also took a nice warm bath last night, but then proceeded to cry like a mad man after I took him out, which totally screwed up the relaxing effect it had.
Now, due to this gas, he did not take his typical afternoon nap yesterday. Instead, he nursed and cat napped all day. The longest he was asleep for was about 5 minutes. The poor guy would drift off, make a face and wake up wanting to nurse for comfort.
I changed a LOT of wet diapers yesterday.
I thought the night would be pure hell.
It was the opposite! We went to bed at 9:45pm, Zane nursed and went to sleep right around 10pm. I figured we would be up soon, so I went right to sleep myself. At 2:21 I woke up in a panic. OH MY GOD!!! Where is the baby!!!!? Why hasn't he woken me up! Oh, there he is. Sound asleep. I tried to nurse him, but he wasn't having it. He was exhausted. He just wanted to sleep! So, I went back to sleep as well. At 3:30am he started fussing a little, but still wasn't awake. Let out a few good farts and continued on in dream land. Finally about 4am he woke up and was a little fussy. I changed his very wet diaper, and he finally ate. I thought I was going to explode at this time, so I was happy to get a little relief.
He slept fitfully until about 6am when I finally just held him in one arm and we both fell dead asleep once again.
He is now happily sleeping in his swing.
Here are some pictures of when my parents came for a visit, and from the last few weeks. Enjoy!
Oh, I have lost 24-25 lbs so far! I am negative 8lbs! Yea me!!

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