Thursday, August 26, 2010

Birth Part 3, Friday

AAAHHHH!!!! God bless who ever invented the epidural.
I was high from the Nubain and feeling nothing from my boobs down from the epidural. I was human again. I told Fang I loved her.
7:30 I was checked and found to be 5cm! Yea!!!!
8am My contractions started to slow down. From every 2 minutes to 4, to 7... So they decided to start pitocin to get things going again.
Something was wrong with the pump. Finally the 3rd pump they brought in worked and we got the pitocin started at 10am.
Lena was coming in and I got some ice chips as my mouth was like the desert. Sooo dry and I was exhuasted from the last few hours.
The nurse, Yu May said she would be back to check me in a bit. At 11:30 I told her I was feeling pressure, so she checked and I was fully dilated!!! I couldn't believe it! In 4 or so hours I had dilated 5 cm!! Go Erin!
She told me they were going to let the contractions bring his head down a little more before trying to do any pushing. I agreed and had to breath through the pressure and the urge to push.
At 12:13 we started pushing to see how I would do. I was not a good pusher at this point. I just wasn't sure how hard, how long and where to be pushing at. You think you just push, but you don't. It's a very targeted area that you need to be pushing into.
I was feeling a lot of pain on one side, so we rolled me over again and tried pushing that way. No good. So we breathed through another few contractions until I just couldn't not push. I HAD to push.
I kept saying I had to poop! They were like, that is what it feels like, but you really don't. It's the babies head putting pressure.
I pushed, and pushed and pushed. It would bring his head down, then go back up, down, up. Lena was there and was saying, I SEE HIS HEAD!!!! Jay was peeking too. He was on my left side holding my leg for me as I pushed, and Yu May was on my right.
Husnia at some point snuck in and was fanning me trying to encourage me.
We asked the nurse when we thought he would be born, she said 1:30. Well, 1:30 came and went. I was pressing my epi button and breathing, pushing, breathing pushing.. ice chips.
Finally he crowned and they called in Fang and the on call OB. I was pushing and they were yelling at me to do it harder, better. I felt I couldn't concentrate so I asked for quiet. That did it!
I was in a zone at that point. I know they kicked Husnia out at some point but I have no idea who was in the room.  I think there was the on call OB, the resident, Yu May, and two other nurses, plus Jay and Lena.
Husnia managed to hide behind the curtain and kept peeking.
I was so tired from pushing for 2 hours that I asked for a vacuum assist. They got it on and I gave one HUGE push and out popped his head!!! WOW, what a relief that was! They twisted him a little, PUSHED again and out came his shoulders and body!!!!!! 2:20p, THE BURNING!!! I had torn down there. Everyone was like, OMG he is HUGE!!! No wonder you were in such pain! Jay cut the cord and they took him off to my right to clean him up and suction. He swallowed a lot of fluid and blood. But he was ok!
I delivered the placenta, and they stitched me up. I was still in shock over the fact that I actually did it!!
A lot went on that I wasn't that aware of. 20 minutes later they placed him on my chest, He was very alert! We tried to nurse but he just wasn't interested, so we just cuddled. They got me decent and everyone came in to see him.
8lbs 8oz, 19 3/4" long 14.5" head 2:20pm on August 20th, 2010.
Lena was soo proud that she got to see the whole thing!!
We got to see the placenta and Fang gave us a really cool informational session on it.
I got some food from home, and they also gave me hospital food. I swear I drank 3 or more bottles of water, 2 things of apple juice and couldn't wait to get more!
We were allowed to go home 4 hours after the birth. They made sure I could walk, and that everything was ok. I got home, hopped in the shower, got into bed and slept, ate, nursed...

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