Friday, August 6, 2010

38/39 week appointment

After my fiasco last week, I got a phone call yesterday saying another lady was in labour and they had to move my appointment to today. Dumb babies!
I didn't gain anything, in fact I lost a few ounces, but they don't count that or care really. =) My blood pressure what slightly up, 120/ 76 but still in the normal range. It's common for your blood pressure to rise at the end of the pregnancy anyway. I am measuring about 40 weeks, which doesn't surprise me in the least. The ultrasound date said my due date is on Monday after all.
His heart rate sounded good as well.
Now, the excellent news. My platelet count went up! It's now 104 and hopefully will continue to increase! It is a HUGE relief to know this.
We talked about the Vitamin K shot given and the eye goop to prevent infections. And the Newborn screening done on day 3. It screens for 27 different rare diseases.
We also discussed what will happen if I go over my due date. Laurie, the midwife, said next week if we want we can check my cervix and do a membrane sweep. I will play that by ear. I lost some of my mucus plug at the beginning of the week, so I believe the Evening Primrose Oil I have been taking has been doing it's job.
She said that typically the hospital wont do inductions before 41w3d. BUT given my circumstances they might allow me to do it earlier. IF it comes to that. I told her I would be coming home to do jumping jacks. She goes off on call on the 16th, so I MUST deliver before then!!! Do you hear that Baby Boy!!!! Get out of me!!!

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