Thursday, August 26, 2010

Birth Part 2, Friday

Fang called back and asked me some questions, was the fluid clear, how was I feeling... It was clear, I felt fine, just excited. She told me to try to rest, eat lightly and if she doesn't hear from me, she would see me at 9am to check me.
We called Alaa and told him to be on stand by. Holy cow, they were soooo excited! So we wandered down the hall to let them know what was going on.
I kept having gushes of fluid and slowly but surely, it was turning colored. CRAP.
at midnight I called Fang back to let her know that the fluid was turning colored. She said she would be right over. So I walked around and around trying to keep myself busy. Doing a few things like making sure my bag was packed, Lena's was full of snacks and her i-Pod was in there as well as her DSi.
12:30 Fang showed up and so did my contractions. Every 5 minutes already! From nothing to HELLO labour! She examined me and found that I was 1cm dilated and sure enough, there was meconium. She said we needed to get to the hospital ASAP to get me hooked up to the monitors. I asked if I could shower, she said, sorry no. We needed to go now. So Jay gathered up Lena, took her down the hall to Alaa and Khuloods house, I got dressed and texted my parents. Made sure that the guys got all my stuff and headed down stairs to the waiting car. Had to breath through more contractions, still 5 minutes apart.
Called my dad to say we were on our way to the hospital. It was 1:20am.
Having contractions in the car is not fun. It's just plain uncomfortable. We pulled up to the emergency entrance and they helped me out. Fang met us and got us up to the maternity ward. 2am I had to stop at the reception to breath though another contraction. The anaesthesiologist was right there and asked if I would be getting an epidural. I told him I had to wait for my blood test results as I had a low platelet count.
We got into our room and undressed, into bed, got things hooked up, IV, baby monitors. Blood pressure... all that. Still contracting. Bloody show, more fluid..
 The Vampire showed up and took my blood and said it should only be about 30 minutes. WHEW I thought! She was wrong. Very wrong.
Lena was getting anxious to come to the hospital and it wasn't long before Alaa, Khulood and Lena were in the hospital room. I was still able to breath through the contractions and was talking to them.
With in an hour, things got bad. My contractions started getting much closer together, about 2-3 minutes apart and very very strong. We tried breathing through them, but I couldn't. I kept asking where the blood results were and Fang kept running out to check on them. She was getting irritated that they were taking so long.
I couldn't handle the pain much more. She got some laughing gas to try to help me though them. I was on the edge of the bed barely making it, trying to breath the gas in. Deep breath in, slow breath out. Deep in, slow out. Then, I started to throw up. Plus, I kept having to get up to pee!
About 3:30 am I was in so much pain in my back and my bladder area we were worried that my c/s scar might be tearing. Fang ran to check the blood results and to consult the on call OB.
I was begging at this point to get the c/s. Screw the VBAC! I didn't care any more! Just kill me. I was groaning through each contraction. They were 2 minutes apart and off the charts strong. Finally Fang came in with 2 shots. One of Nubain and another for the vomiting. The Nubain ONLY helped me to relax in between the contractions, but did nothing for the contraction pain. Still more yelling, groaning...
Poor Jay. He stood by my side the whole time encouraging me, letting me break his fingers off.
Lena came in a few times but I asked her to please leave. I couldn't handle her seeing me like that. At some point I was checked and I was 3-4 cm. I was sooo freaking happy to hear that. Finally the blood test results came in! Fang ran to get the anaesthesiologist. He was on his way to an emergency C/S and it would be a while.
6am he showed up. An hour after the blood tests came in. He got me sitting up and got the blessed thing in. Instantly my legs went all warm and tingly. He showed me the control button, to give myself more if I needed it, and to not me shy about pressing it. I was still feeling pain on my left side, so they had me roll over to help the drugs flow to that side better.

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