Friday, August 13, 2010

40 weeks

Well, today is D day. My due date is here.
I have spent most of the week in false labour. It's getting really really old. I remember having maybe 2 episode of it with Lena, but it lasted an hour. This, this is all day, all night type of stuff. Just when I think they are getting regular, they start spacing out again.
We went out to dinner last night to Red Lobster. I am so glad we did. I have been wanting to get out for one final dinner. We went with the family. Service wasn't that great, begging for water and cheddar rolls shouldn't have to be done. Baby Boy put on a show for everyone. We laughed that he could smell the food and was excited. I had 3 braxton hicks while eating. We even pulled a mean trick on Alaa. At the end of dinner we girls got up to use the washroom. I told Khulood it would be funny to trick Alaa and tell him my water broke. So they went running out of the washroom and told him, Erin!! Her water broke!!!! He came running! I came out laughing! I couldn't believe they did that. I was just kidding!
I came home, drank my Raspberry Leaf Tea, took my Evening Primrose Oil, and eventually went to bed. Once again about 2:30am I was woken up by more braxton hicks. One was super painful. Jay was snoring like no tomorrow, so I ended up getting up for a little, drank some water and went back to bed only for things to start all over again. What is with them coming when I need to sleep!
Now, on the good side of things, Lena has become addicted to swimming. We found out that our sister building next door has the only outdoor pool left in the neighbourhood. We have been going every day when possible. The water is way too cold for me. But you know kids. They don't seem to care! Yesterday we were there for 2 1/2 HOURS! Some of her friends were there and they were just having way too much fun together. I have a feeling we will be back again today! Unless Baby Boy finally gives up for a more spacious area...

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