Friday, July 30, 2010

37/38 week appointment

We all trooped over to visit the midwife today.
Everything is normal as usual. I gained 2 more pounds this week, up to 14 lbs now. Baby Boy is measuring on target and his heart rate is good. So is my blood pressure at 110/66. And Strep B negative.
We got blood drawn today to do a platelet count, wish me luck on that one.
So, nothing spectacular to report over here.
I have a numb patch on my stomach. Does that count as exciting news?
We have the bag all packed and a check list for Jay for when the time comes. I also just double checked the car seat manual to make sure I know how to install it in the cab, or whose ever car, if family picks us up.
Laurie went over the fact that recovery will take place at home, so make sure to be prepared for that.
Otherwise, I go back next week again, and the week after.... It's just a waiting game!

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