Sunday, July 4, 2010

It all started...

This weekend didn't really get off on the right foot to begin with.
This is not only a holiday weekend, but it's moving weekend for the apartment building. It's been hectic around here with people moving in and out. Fireworks Thursday evening, and a psychotic dog.
But, the kicker was the moving van that pulled up at 1:30 am Friday night. Our building manager is going to get an earful from me tomorrow morning.
They were not quiet and gentle about the moving process. The first two hours were spend backing up the truck, unrolling the back, lifting out the ramp, dropping it. Yelling at each other... you get the point.
Jay also went deaf Friday night and had the TV up so loud that he didn't hear any of this going on, but I not only heard the moving, but every.single.word of the movie he was watching.
Do these people not know I am 34 weeks pregnant, I don't sleep well as it is. Don't mess with me!
We decided to take advantage of every weekend this July before Baby Boy comes. August is going to be pretty much out for me.
Our first outing was to Edwards Gardens for Fathers Day. It was lovely.
The second was yesterday. Despite getting very little sleep, I managed to get up at 8 and started preparing food. Cutting up watermelon, filling water bottles, all the stuff the family rely's on, but doesn't really think about until they go, OH! Did you... Yes, I brought....
We got a very late start, which turned out to be ok in the long run. We left by 11:30 I think, maybe even closer to noon.
Got our TTC Family day pass and set off on our journey. That journey included 2 subways, 1 street car, hoofing it on foot (well, not very far really) and a ferry ride.
We were going to Centre Island! It's much more than just Centreville amusement park. It's one of the prettiest places to go in Toronto. It's green, with cool breezes blowing through. Abundant sun and shade. Lots of nice places to picnic, or even grab a bite to eat at an over priced restaurant. You can rent bikes, boats, get drumming lessons. Go through a maze that we have YET to conquer. Lots of adorable dogs. A beach, parks, splash pads.. The list goes on and on.
We spent about 6 hours at the amusement park. I spent most of the time sitting and watching. I couldn't go on any rides. Liabilities or something like that. But, seeing Lena have so much freaking fun was worth it.
In the end we had to drag her away, green in the face from spinning around so many times on the tea cups.
We were quickly running through our food and water supplies and I was feeling about 50 weeks pregnant by then.
We went through the maze, twice. Still never figured out how to go through it completely! Played at a playground for a bit before our stomachs won the war and we headed over to a cafe we saw and ate some real food. By then it was getting chilly, and late.
9:00 We headed for the ferry dock. OMG, mass evacuation was happening! We had to wait with the rest of the people trying to escape, and watched as one ferry loaded up and left. Waited another 15-20 minutes for the next one to show up and loaded up like cattle being herded into a pen. We decided to sit up top and enjoy the view and the now ice cold breeze coming off of Lake Ontario. We lost our minds a little by then.
It's a quick 10-15 minute ferry ride however and soon we were back on land. The city was still warm, so we recovered from our shivers and decided (why, oh, why) to walk the few blocks to Union Station to take the first subway ride home.
As we sat in silence and giggled about the people we saw, Lena soon fell asleep. 35 minutes later we had to get off that subway and get on another. I waddled as Jay carried Lena up the 2 flights of stairs to the next train. I opted for the elevator. ;^)
Got on the next train and 15 minutes later we were at our home station. Waddled some more and came home to a dog that thought we had died and she was the only surviving thing on the planet.
We drank about 40 gallons of water, showered and were in bed by 11:30.
Now, I knew I would be sore from the days adventures. But HOW sore, became evident at about 3:30am when I woke up from my coma to pee. Note, this was about 4 hours after I took a single tylenol. I do believe that it wore off at the 3 hour 59 minute mark. I couldn't stand upright. Every.thing.hurt. I was going to die. I knew it. Got another tylenol and drank more water, spent about 30 minutes trying to get comfortable. HA! And eventually drifted off into a restless slumber.
Woke up when I just couldn't take the pain any more, and tried to face the fact that we were supposed to go my grand nieces birthday party today. Several hours later and lots of tears from exhaustion, we decided there was no way I was going to go. It's nearly 90*f outside, low humidity though at 35%, but I would have been making a trip to the ER with pre-term labor if I had gone. Jay took pity on me and took off with Lena to join the party at the park. Which will take them about 35 minutes or so via the subway and bus to get too.
But the kid has her skates, Oh, I will have to write about that later.
Now, to go fold some laundry and do nothing but read, drink water, pee and relax!

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