Wednesday, July 21, 2010

36 week appointment

I went in today for my 36.4 week appointment. I gained 2lbs (total of 12lbs so far) in the last 2 weeks, I am sure some of that is water weight. Blood pressure was 110/60. Measuring about 38 weeks.
But, what has us all worried is my platelet count. I went in and had the routine blood work done in June, my iron came back just dandy, but they said my blood coagulated before they could get an accurate platelet count. It was 123 (123,000), which is low. So they sent me back to retest. It came back at 99 (99,000)!
The average is 150-200. So now I have to retest again next week and more than likely every week until I go into labour. 
They said that most anesthesiologists wont do an epidural on someone who's platelet count is below 100, most wont do it below 150 if they can help it. Which also means that if for some reason I end up needing a c/s I will have to go under general. That just makes me want to cry. 
It can cause excessive bleeding after birth. 
They said as long as my iron levels stay high, it should be ok. That more than likely it's just a pregnancy related drop, and it will go back up after birth. But my midwife suggested I look into Tissue Salts. I found a pharmacy that carries them, but I have to call my midwife back to see which ones I need. 
Of course if it continues to go down, then I get to go see a blood specialist. 
Fun stuff I tell ya! Otherwise, all is well. OH, and they said my Rh- has nothing to do with delayed cord clamping and they prefer to delay anyway. =) 
OH OH OH! The midwife I want will be the one to deliver!!!! So half good news, and half bad today!
Here is a bad picture of me at 36 weeks.

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