Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just call me Mrs. Endurance!

Saturday we got the car and drove to Bowmanville Zoo, and Oshawa beach. The zoo was awesome. It wasn't crowded and they are mainly home to movie and TV animals! We got to hear wolves howl, Lena fed sooo many dear and goats, it was great. She rode a camel and we watched a really cool animal show.
Sunday morning we woke up kind of late as the day before kicked my butt. We hit to road much later than we wanted, about 11, and headed to Niagara Falls. Lena could NOT stop talking about getting to the hotel to go swimming. Well, check in wasn't until 3. =P
So we parked the car and went down to the falls and had a great time checking out the falls. This was our 3rd time on the Canadian side, but 5th time at the Falls in general. It's still wow's us every time. We finally headed to the hotel about 4:30. I was a little tired still and sore, but we managed to throw on our swim suits and headed for the pool. It was awesome. Until I got out. And started having contractions. I guess I used some muscles I didn't know I had! We walked across the parking lot to TGI Fridays and then we went into Clifton Hill . It's a crazy little area filled with just about everything.
Well, Lena was begging to go onto the HUGE skywheel. Little did I know that I have a major fear of falling. I knew that bridges bother me, but I had a total meltdown when we started going up. I thought I would be ok, but it just rushed over me. Jay asked if he should call the emergency button, but I told him I would be ok. Just about barfed too.
At 10pm there were going to be fireworks. We thought we might still be on the skywheel at that time, but we got off EXACTLY when the first firework went off. So we made a mad dash down to watch them. Then we laughed our butts off because there I was, just over a meltdown, running down a hill and then we had to march back up hill to go back. By the time we got back to the hotel (11pm) I could hardly walk!
Monday we got up early, ate breakfast and headed over to Marineland. The day started off with OK weather, then it turned HOT and muggy as hell. Then, it started sprinkling and cooled things down for a bit. I had to sit down quite a bit to recover and I think I drank 5 bottles of water myself in the time we were there. We went back to the hotel and Lena was begging to swim again. I told Jay he would have to take her that I needed a nap. 1 1/2 hours later they came back up and I was rested. =) We headed back out to Clifton Hill and had some extremely over priced pizza and ice cream. Walked down to the falls again, and then back up again. We got to the top of the hill and Lena said she wanted to go to Build A Bear. So we headed over there. I had some MAJOR contractions while we were in there. Jay said, do you think you just did too much walking? LOL THAT was an overstatement! I kept waiting for my water to break.
So we headed back to the hotel finally and I hopped in the bath with some epsom salts. AAHHH!!!!! Then we all crawled into bed and passed out.
This morning we had breakfast, we back to our room, Lena wanted to swim one last time, so Jay took her while I packed up. Then the last 3 days hit me.
I took some Tylenol and bucked up. Got the car loaded and went to Bird Kingdom and then onto the Butterfly Conservatory. We drove around for a few hours, stopping where ever we felt looked cool. There seemed to be a fire somewhere around there because the air was really smokey and was burning my eyes. Lena got a good nap in and we headed home.
WHEW. I am DONE. It's going to take me a while to get over this trip, but it was sooo much fun! Lena grew up so much, she surprised me by going on some rides that I NEVER thought she would go on while we were at Marineland!
Jay said, But we still have one more vacation before Baby Boy comes right? Um, Honey, I am due in 4 1/2 weeks. This is IT. Anything else we do will be local. I am HUGE and swelling and am really feeling pregnant, and DONE! I will post pictures in a little bit. There is SO much work yet to be done at home. The car has been returned, suitcase unpacked... that is it!

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