Wednesday, December 22, 2010

4 Months

We are one day shy of being 4 months old, and guess what I woke up to this morning. A tooth!
Zane decided that 7am was a fun time to start singing and sucking on his fingers. I tried to ignore him and pat him back to sleep, but he wasn't having any of it. So I stuck my knuckle into his mouth to see if he was still hungry. And what do I feel? Something sharp poking back at me! A tooth broke though the bottom right side!
At this rate he will be crawling next month and walking at 8 months! 
And now it is Tuesday. He had his appointment this morning. He weighs in at a whopping 18lbs! My goodness! No wonder I can hardly hold him any more, and all his clothes are getting too small! He is also 26" long. 
We went to visit Santa yesterday. Lena and Zane sat on his lap. Lena asked for binoculars. Zane, just sat there. =) 
I looked in his mouth today and it looks like he is following his sister and will soon be getting a twin tooth with in the week. The tooth next to the one that just came in, is just under the skin. 
Just a few more days until Christmas! This time last year Jay and I were holding our breaths waiting to tell Lena that after 7 long years she was going to FINALLY be a big sister... although at this rate, Zane is going to be bigger than her! 

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