Friday, September 12, 2014

Homeschooling Schedule

A lot of people are asking how homeschooling is going. There are a lot of misconceptions on what happens during a homeschooling day. Especially if they see Lena outside during the day. So I thought I would share our schedule and what books we are using.
I took about 2 months of researching and joining homeschooling groups and asking lots of questions before we settled on our curriculum. It's one of those things where you really hope you made the right choice. Especially for us since everything has to be shipped. It gets expensive and you don't want to make too many mistakes.
Jay has decided to take on Languages and Mathematics. Which is just fine by me! He works with her from 7:30-9:00, then she has a break to work on homework, or review things for the coming classes.

Here is our weekly schedule. Every weekend I go over what I am going to be teaching, do research, read everything, make plans according to the lesson ( I am learning a LOT in the process too). Some lessons take longer than others, some are quite quick. But we aim to be done around 1:30 so I can go pick up Zane and have the rest of the day free to do things. She has Gymnastics Sundays and Wednesdays from 4-7:30 and occasional Mondays when she needs to work extra on things. 
Some days Lena is just burnt out. Whether is be from a night of little sleep, just too much work, or just life, she has the option to say, Hey, I am done. I can't focus. Or, I hate this subject. Can we do something else? That is the beauty of homeschooling. How can a child, learn if we force it into them. They have to be interested and open to accept what is being taught. Even though we have a schedule to follow, it's not going to kill either of us if we double up some days, miss a class or two on another. We have 365 days to work on everything. No one is setting the schedule but us. 
Here are the books we are using:

Science: My Pals are Here And workbook

It may seem like a lot, but her education at home is so much richer and one on one that it ever was at school. If she doesn't get something, we go over it again and again until she does get it. There is no passing it over. If she wants an extra day to study about Native American's, then by all means let's!

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