Friday, September 12, 2014

First Day of School!

The first day of school is nerve wracking for everyone. Lena actually began a day early because September 1st was Zane's first day of preschool and Jay would not be able to teach her in the morning.
Zane was pretty excited about the first day of school. But then it was time for mommy and daddy to leave. The crying started and he changed his mind... We knew he would be ok, gave him one last hug and kiss and prayed he would still be talking to us when we picked him up in a few hours. He LOVED it. Now every morning he asks if it's a school day and seriously gets upset when we have to tell him no, it's the weekend.
Zane's First Day of Pre-School

Pre-School looks pretty fun!

You can go now mom.

Lena's first day of Homeschool- Grade 6

Zane, one happy little man 
at the end of the day.

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