Wednesday, August 13, 2014

New Adventures

We are about to start a new adventure! Homeschooling! Lena has been just miserable here in the school in our area. So we have decided that the only solution is to homeschool her. It's actually coming at the right time because Zane is now old enough to attend preschool! So Sunday-Thursday he will be at the local preschool from 8am-1:30pm. Then home to have lunch and NAP.
I am still waiting for our homeschool curriculum to arrive, things coming from The States take forever and a day. I joined an awesome facebook group called Hip Homeschooling Moms. Everyone has such great ideas and suggestions. Pinterest has become my new best friend.
While I await the new books, I decided on my first project. I made a calendar for September and each day has a holiday. Every month will have a calendar made just like this.
Here is a preview of September. I look forward to diving into these subjects, learning a little about them myself alongside Lena. Some days I could not find a great subject, or holiday, so those days we will just do a little extra work on a coming holiday.
1. First Day of School- Labor Day
2. Blueberry Popsicle Day
3. Welsh Rarebit Day ( Cheese on toast)
4. Wildlife Day
5. Pizza Day!
6. Icecream Coffee Day!
7. Grandparents Day
8. Pardon Day
9. Teddy Bear Day
11. Patriot Day- Remembering September 11th.
12. Milkshake Day!
13. Roald Dahl Day
14. Pet Rock Day
15. Greenpeace Day
16. Guacamole Day
17. Constitution Day
18. Respect Day
21. World Appreciation Day
22. Elephant Appreciation Day
23. Autumn Equinox
24. Voter Registration Day
25. Rosh HaShanah
26. Pancake Day!
29. Michaelmas
30. International Translation Day.

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Pettclan said...

Got a great holiday for September 27th: Uncle Chris' Birthday! ;-D