Friday, June 8, 2018

Final Day

It was our final day in Amsterdam. Our flight didn't leave until later that day, so we had some time to fill. Jay was really interested in seeing Body Worlds. So we packed up, checked out and stored our bags at the hotel, and headed back downtown.

Body Worlds is located on Damrak, the main road. One tip I have is to get there early, like at opening. You have to pay to store your bags, so make sure you come prepared. They have two different sized lockers, small, for personal items like backpacks, jackets etc, and larger for suitcases. Do not bother paying extra for the wand to hear extra information on each item. We rented one, and it ended up in Jay's pocket after the first floor.
If you have ever had any interest in the human body, this is THE exhibit to check out. I must admit that a few displays were a little creepy as there was still fine hairs and eyebrows, eye lashes on the skin.

After we finished we grabbed some lunch and grabbed our bags. Took the train to the airport.
I must say, I was really disappointed in Aegean Air. We arrived 2 hours before our flight and were told that we were "put on standby due to our failure to check in like everyone else". Needless to say we were a little shocked. We bought tickets just like everyone else, why do we have to check in 24 hours before? We had carry on luggage and they offered to check it as the flight was overbooked! Oy. This is not looking good. Oh, and by the way, your next flight isn't guaranteed either because you didn't check in. We did manage to get on the flight, seated in different rows. And on the connecting flight through Athens. By the way, if you want to eat in the Athens airport, do it before going through security. There was really nothing after security, and we were pretty hungry by that time.
Anyway, we made it home. And look forward to our next trip!

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