Wednesday, April 28, 2010

24 weeks and HUGE!

I gained 3 lbs, making it a 10lbs total for the entire pregnancy. Which I feel is great. But I feel like I was made to feel guilty about it. She only wants me to gain 2lbs a month till the end. 6-8 more lbs!  I don't think she was THAT concerned about the weight gain until she measured me. HOLY CRAP. I measured between 27-28 weeks! I am 24w4d. So now, I get to seriously watch what I eat, exercise as much as I can and hope that I don't keep measuring 3-4 weeks ahead. I said I did the same thing with Lena and she came out small. Whatever.
On the 12th I go in to test for the Rh- stuff and then she said I might as well do the glucose test then too. She said it's a preliminary, so no fasting, and one hour wait. From that they will see if I need to do the fasting one.
Also at 30 weeks she will order an u/s to check the babies size again and where my placenta is, see if it's moved. 

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