Tuesday, March 30, 2010

20 weeks

Last week, Baby Boy decided to throw a party at 4:30 am. =)
Today I had my 20 week appointment.
Nothing spectacular. First time they were late though, 25 minutes! My appointment was with the Student midwife who was a little hyper for me. But I did finally get to meet the 2nd midwife on the team. Laurie. Very nice lady.
I gained 4lbs, for a total weight gain of... 4lbs! Now hopefully it will slow down a little seeing as I have 18-20 weeks left and 16lbs to go. They aren't that picky about it. I will be happy if I keep it under 25lbs total. I will just see numbers I never thought I would see in my lifetime. At least by the medical scale. I like mine at home better. =)
Blood pressure was 106/80 ( I think...) Baby Boy wouldn't stay still and kept kicking every time she would find his heartbeat, then move. Little stinker. He is very active. I got to see the U/S techs drawing of where my placenta is, and it's directly in front, which is why 98% of the kicks are felt on the sides and down south.
I am measuring 22weeks (u/s date is 21w1d) They are still insisting on going by the LMP DD, so I am 20w4d. All normal stuff.
Next in 4 weeks unless something weird happens between now and then.

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