Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's a Hot Dog!

Lena has been getting a little sex education along the way with this baby. She learned the proper words for girl and boy bits. Like Vagina and Penis. Well, we were talking about what the baby will be and whether or not it will have a Taco or a Hot Dog. She thought this was hilarious so we just kept it up.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have a Hot Dog! It's a boy! I think I am still in shock over it. I didn't have any strong feelings one way or the other this time whether it was a boy or a girl. I was hoping for a girl, but only because that is what I know. I am a person who doesn't do change well. I like things to stay the same.
As my Midwife appointment approached, I knew that I would be getting close to the right time for the U/S. So I made sure to ask and she marked Fetal Sex on the paperwork to make sure we would find out. =)
I called the place where I had my first scan done, but they didn't have anything until the 25th. Well, I am impatient and I wanted to do it during March break so Lena and I could go shopping together. So I called another clinic and they got me in on the 15th! Yea!!
My appointment was at 2pm. I drank my water and we headed out. I knew I was in trouble pee wise the second we stepped off the bus. We had 20 minutes still and I had to GO!
We arrived at the clinic and it was packed. They over booked every single appointment. I waited as long as I could and finally told them I couldn't wait to pee any longer. They laughed and told me I don't need a full bladder, and to go!
Well, I ended up going 4 times by the time they called my name! Which was just after 3:30pm! Lena was ready to pull her eye balls out she was so anxious about getting in to see the baby.
So I lied down on the table and she squirted the U/S jelly on me. We made jokes that a blue bird pooped on my belly or something. She got the wand ready, plopped it on and asked, So what do you want, a Boy or a Girl. Then she said IT'S A BOY! With in those 2 seconds she had already seen the penis! I couldn't believe it! Lena was like HU? It's a Boy? Really? No way? Check again! Jay's face lit up. =)
The rest of the scan went really well. Heart looks good, spine looks good. It even has a brain! HAHAHA! He was moving all over the place, moving his hands up and down. And at one point opened and closed his mouth a few times! That was cool! Then he did a biiiiig stretch and flipped over and put his back to us. Little stinker.
My placenta seems to be lying right along side my cervix, so they have to watch that and make sure it moves up in the next 20 weeks.
She did once again say my Due Date IS August 9th, 2010, not the 13th. Go figure. So I am going to stick with that since it's the second time they have said so.
I am not sure of the size, I thought she said 500grams, which is about 1lbs. The heartbeat was at 144bpm.
Now, to go shopping!

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