Sunday, March 14, 2010


Yesterday was a very very long day. It was predicted to be a rainy day, and it didn't disappoint. After taking Lena to school, it started dumping rain on the walk home. Got home soaking, but dried quickly. Jay and I decided to head across the street to Baguette, a little French cafe in the mall. We have been saying for a year now that we should go have breakfast there together some morning. Jay had a cup of coffee and a double chocolate danish. I had a cup of scalding hot hot chocolate and a cinnamon roll. We chatted and actually enjoyed ourselves!
Later I went to a new thrift store, the Chinese super market (smells HORRIBLE, but great deals) and then to Dollarama. Stood in the rain some more to catch the most crowded bus filled with rude teenagers heading home from school.
Made it home, then had to walk to school to get Lena, once again in a downpour.
Anyway, by that time I was exhausted. But we had a gift to buy at the mall. So we head over there, and end up checking out Sephora and putting crazy make up on Lena. =)
By the time I got home, my back was spasming out on me. I could hardly walk. Rain boots don't have much support in them.
So I lied down to rest and put my feet up.
Not 10 minutes later the baby woke up and started kicking like crazy. I put my fingers where I was feeling the kicks and sure enough I could feel them from the outside! That is a first! So I called Lena over and she put her fingers there and felt it too!!! It was so awesome!
So at exactly 18 weeks, the kicks are for sure real.

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