Friday, April 30, 2010

Same as last time!

Well, I just pulled out my journal from my pregnancy with Lena. Guess what it said at my 24 week appointment?
Saw Dr. H everything looks good. I measured "big" so in 4 weeks we will do an U/S to see what is going on.
then again at 28 weeks:
Still measuring 4 weeks ahead
30 weeks
I am scheduled for another u/s with Dr. h on the 29th (@34 weeks) Still measuring big for 30 weeks.
32 weeks
Still measuring about 3-4 weeks ahead
34 week Ultrasound
They said she was measuring 37-38 weeks in size, 5.9lbs- 6.1lbs And breech.

that is when they told me she would be about 9-10lbs at birth! She weighed 6lbs 15oz and was only 19" long.

So, in other words, this seems normal compared to my last pregnancy. I am not too concerned about it. I remember even my co-workers telling me how huge I looked from one week to the next. I am going to show this to my midwife and say SEE!!!! It's ok!

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