Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Test Results

On the 12th I had the joy of downing 50grams of the nasty Glucose orange drink for the Glucose Tolerance Test. It's a pre-screening for Gestational Diabetes. I didn't have to fast for it thankfully. Drank the nasty stuff in about 5 minutes and then sat for an hour. Got my blood drawn and they also took some more blood to see if I had developed any antibodies. I am A- and Jay is O+. I hadn't.
So I hung around for a week waiting with baited breath for the Midwives to call me with the test results. I finally gave in just now and called them. Apparently if they don't call you everything is fine. Ok, good to know. But I still have to go in Friday at 9am for my Rhogam shot.
So I passed the test, whew! BIG worry off my mind. But now I get to get up even earlier to get the bus(es) over to the hospital. I guess it's good to see the hospital now, rather than wait for my tour (when ever that is!) Or even in labor!

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