Thursday, May 27, 2010

28 Week Appointment

Well, here we are again. 28 weeks have flown by. Crazy to think only 12 or so left until Baby Boy arrives! There are a few things left needed to get, but the key has been to do it slowly over time.
And as the weather turns freakishly hot, I remember the lovely days of winter and complaining about how cold and crappy it was. ahhh, the days where I didn't nearly pass out walking Lena home from school...
Oh, sorry about that.
Yesterday was my 28 week appointment with my Midwife. I also met the new student, who I liked very much. She is much more personable.
Last time they were worried about me gaining tooo much weight, as if 9.25lbs total could be too much, and this time they are worried because I didn't gain ONE POUND in 4 weeks. What the heck do they want from me! LOL I guess that 16lb goal might be easier done than I thought! Anyway, they were concerned now that I am not eating enough. I cut back on the carbs like they asked, cut back on ice cream, and am walking my butt off. I figure I am loosing the pounds while Baby Boy is gaining. So we are evening out. I eat. Believe me I eat. But because he is sitting so high, it squishes my stomach and I can't really fit much in there at one time. Plus, drinking 30 gallons of water a day to keep hydrated in this God Forsaken heat, fills you up a wee bit.
Well, I am measuring in at 31 weeks. I was 28weeks 4 days according to my last period due date, 29 weeks 1 day by the U/S date. So to me a 2-2 1/2 week difference really isn't THAT big of a deal. But they think it is. Tomorrow we have an appointment at the Ultrasound place. One, to see if my placenta has moved out of the way or not, and two, to check Baby Boy's size, and my amniotic fluid levels. It will be fun to see him in there again!
We talked about the VBAC and my fears, they gave me a folder that I get to take with me when I go anywhere medical.
Over all everything is good! I'll see if I can get a new picture of Baby Boy tomorrow. =) Mean while, here is me. Please ignore the allergy eyes, and the fact that Lena chopped the top of my head off... She has it in for me, I know it!

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