Tuesday, June 8, 2010

30 Week Appointment

I saw the alternate midwife today and the new student. I really like them both. I really really hope they are both on duty when the time comes.
I lost a pound, or more actually. I was so worried that they were going to get upset at me, and they laughed. So I am only up about 8.25lbs in 30 weeks. Disgusting isn't it? We talked about my diet and they said I am doing everything right, not to worry. That some women who start out heavier end up using their reserves rather than gain a lot of weight. I laughed and told them that maybe I would end up being thinner after the pregnancy!
Blood pressure was 100/65, normal for me, urine looked good, and babies heart beat was 140. He is still head down in the same position. WHEW! He jumped the other morning so hard that it woke me up and I thought, that's it, he is breech!
We also discussed my options of I go over 40 weeks, which we will go more into as the time comes.
Next is in 2 weeks and then I get to visit the vampire to check for iron levels.
Oh, and after all the panic, I am measuring 31 weeks. Back to "normal". I am higher on my right side, than my left, so they measure slightly in between.

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