Thursday, February 18, 2010

Baby Bumps and Backpacks

One day away from being 15 weeks (depending on who you ask) and things have gotten interesting.
Yesterday I am pretty sure Baby was bouncing around inside for most of the day. I would be just sitting there and would feel that little flutter. You know when you get a a twitch in your eye, or thumb, or where ever? That little... how would you type that... That is what it feels like. But from the inside. It's a very cool and very very strange feeling. You can feel it inside, but not from the outside. No matter how many times I sat still with my fingers pressed on the spot I felt the little thumps, I couldn't feel them with my hand!
So far today, nothing. =\
But! Pregnancy brain has officially set in. I am officially a dork. I can't remember anything. First it was Maple Syrup. I went to 2 different stores for Pete's sake! Think I could remember to get Maple Syrup? NOPE! I did finally get it yesterday. Whew. MMMMM, French Toast...
Sorry got distracted there for a minute.
Jay has given up on me. He will ask me for espresso when I get a minute. Well, 30 minutes later I don't even remember him asking for it and he is in the kitchen making it himself. And I ask him what he is doing, why didn't he ask me to make it. Oh, ya, you did. Sorry.
Today however, was pretty funny. Every morning when I walk Lena to school, I carry her backpack for her. I find the extra 3lbs of weight slows her down significantly. So I just carry it myself. Then when she gets in line, I put it on her back, say goodbye and all is well.
Not today. 3 kids had to talk to me. One to tell me she is allergic to Gelatin (no she isn't, it's a religious thing). One to tell me he brought a Kinder Surprise Egg that is nut free cause he knows he can't bring nut things to school (love that boy), and the third to tell me she had acupuncture last night (very cool). Well by that time the line was going inside, I said my goodbyes and headed off. Poor Lena called for me, but I didn't hear her. =( So half way home I was like, why am I carrying my purse? OH NO!!! So I had to laugh at myself and walk back to school. The poor girl was sitting in gym with no shoes. She got her backpack and asked me, "Mom, what is wrong with you!?"
I love that girl. Really I do.

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