Thursday, February 25, 2010


About a week ago just shortly after dinner we were sitting on the couch talking. I was still hungry but couldn't figure out what I was hungry for. So we were talking, and I was making a mental inventory of everything in the kitchen. I started on the top shelf of the fridge, Milk, water, yogurt, smoothies. Nope, nothing there. Next! Cheese, cold cuts, tuna, left over chicken.. Nope, nothing there. Bottom shelf, eggs, bread, milk bags. Sigh, nothing. Veggie and fruit drawers...nope.
So then I moved onto the cupboards. Most things in there I can't eat, like granola bars. Suddenly I pictured the popcorn. With out realizing it, I shouted out POPCORN! Lena and Jay both jumped, looked at me and said, WHAT!? Popcorn, where the hell did that come from!? At this point I was laughing so hard at my self that I could hardly breath. I explained that I was taking a mental inventory of the kitchen trying to figure out what sounded good. And then it was all over. I had a koniption (sp?) fit right then and there. My head was ready to explode from the laughter. My cheeks were cramping, my stomach hurt from not breathing. I am sure Baby was shouting EARTHQUAKE! Or AIR! I NEED AIR!! I just couldn't stop! Then they couldn't stop shouting POPCORN at me to make me laugh even harder.
I never did get my popcorn.

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