Monday, February 22, 2010

Safety First Vantage Car Seat FAIL!

Please, pass this on to as many people as possible. This is completely unacceptable! The Dorel Juvenile Group makes Maxi Cosi, Cosco, Eddie Bauer and Safety 1st car seats!
This article points out just a few of the problems with the company. It does not mention the many problems that people have with their car seats every day.
If you have any questions regarding a car seat, and what is the best choice to make, please visit this forum. It's full of CERTIFIED car seat technicians, unlike the people who work at Babies R Us who claim to know all about car seats. They are paid to push the Dorel car seats. Not sell you the safest one out there that will last, and save your child in the event of a car accident.
Just because it's cheap, looks like it should work, and is the most sold, does not mean it's the best choice for your child or your car!
And remember, most infant seats only go to 20-22lbs! Once your child has reached that limit, the harness is not strong enough to contain your child in the shell of the seat. It can rip through the plastic, ejecting your child. Please, strap your car seat into the car each, and every time you get in a moving vehicle. Just because it's down the street, does not make it any safer.
My car was totalled in FRONT of my apartment building. I literally went around the corner to the grocery store to get flour, was returning home when someone decided to pass me on my left as I was turning into my drive way. It was a strong enough impact to shatter my drivers side window, and bend the frame of my car. Lena was one year old and still rear facing. The safest way to be until they are at least 2 years old.
Please, do your research before purchasing a seat!

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