Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Last night as we were heading off to bed I polished off a chocolate pudding cup and a banana. Mind you this was only about an hour after we finished dinner. My daughter said, and I quote: "Whoa mom! You are scaring me!". In my defense I have not gained more than maybe a pound in the 9 1/2 weeks of being pregnant.
Books tell you that your appetite will increase when pregnant, but no one ever warned you that you will be wanting to eat everything in sight. Seriously.
I do have major food aversions though. I can not eat Chicken. Yes, Erin, the Chicken queen, can not eat Chicken. I have attempted to gag down chicken twice now with bad results. I also can not eat anything green. Rice is also out.
But put some hash browns in front of me and stand back. I'm Irish, what can I tell ya.
Everyone has said that because of my weird aversions this baby must be a boy. Well, they have another thing coming because I happen to believe it's another girl.
My dear, dear sweet sister in law Husnia calls at least once a week to ask me if she can make me anything. That girl can cook. I am telling you. If Middle Eastern food is what you want, go see Husnia.
Can't stand it. Normally, I love it. But it's not happening right now.
She did send over some lentil soup that I was actually able to eat. Which I am grateful for! I was getting a little tired of tuna.
Now, the last few weeks I have felt really really bad. As stated in my last post. But for some unknown reason (Thank you God) I feel great! I have no idea what caused it, but I am not complaining! I have energy, I am not shaking and feeling like passing out or barfing! Still not sleeping well at night, and taking naps in the middle of the day. But hello! I am growing another human being inside of me...
Which reminds me. I am hungry..

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