Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Product Mama

Most of my close relatives, and friends are well aware of my connection with the December 2002 Babies forum that has been a staple in my life since before Lena's birth. I made lots of great friends through there.
Well I recently joined Summer 2010 Babies. It's fun because not only to I get to meet other mom's that are due around the same time, but we get to talk about products that we love.
First is Belly Bands. I had never heard of these before, but people were raving abut them. They are like a glorified tube top that goes over your pants and belly to help keep your pants up, your belly and rear covered, and later, to keep your bits covered while nursing. No one needs to see an expanse of white belly while checking out my adorable baby. =)
I ordered from here: 4Mom and Me
I'll do a review when I get them.
Second. I was searching for safe pacifiers. With the toxic plastic information hitting the news, I want to make sure Baby is not going to be putting anything into it's mouth that isn't chemical free. So in my search, I found this
They had a deal where you get a Value Pack Buy 6 Get 1 Free Newborn GumDrop™ Pacifier
So I ordered This
I love it when places will ship to Canada. I feel like I am being left out up here!
And one more thing, Huggies is making a Pure and Natural disposable diaper! At Wal-Mart they cost a whopping $1 more per package. I will be using them in the beginning until Baby gets big enough for the cloth diapers I have decided to try this time around.

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