Friday, January 15, 2010

10 weeks and gagging.

Well, I made it to 10 weeks! Only a few more and I'll be out of the dreaded first trimester.
Lately I have been feeling incredibly good.
I went to Value Village and got myself 2 pairs of prego jeans, and 2 tops for $30.
Had a great day, until I tried to make dinner that is.
I went against my better judgement and tried to feed my family Chicken. I made sure to make everything else before I pulled the chicken out. And sure enough, the gagging started. I had to excuse myself a few times while making dinner to go sit out. Finally got dinner on the table. I made tilapia for myself, along with twice baked potatoes, carrots and green beans. That is another thing I can't eat. Green beans. They are the devil. Chicken and green beans got together and decided that even though I normally love them, they would cause instant gagging. But I was feeling sorry for Baby and felt that I was depriving it of it's greens. So what did I do? I took a bite of the evil green bean. It was all over for me at that point. Spent 5 more minutes sitting on the edge of the bath tub willing my food to stay down. It did. Good tummy.
So that is it. My family is no longer allowed to have chicken until this thing passes.
At least the potatoes were good!

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