Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Dear Dear Husband

My dear dear husband.
How I love you.
When you do not snore. When you snore,
all my love flies out the door.
Bad poetry I know. Horrible. Rancid even.
But anyone who knows Jay, knows that he has major nose issues. He has had 2 sinus surgeries, and a metal post inserted in there to straighten it out. Anyone who knows Jay also knows that he hates to take medicine and would rather wait until he is in severe pain to do anything about it.
And as everyone knows, I am nearly 12 weeks pregnant. The most important thing to me next to food is sleep. By 8pm I am drifting off waiting for the clock to hit 9 so I can drag Lena off to bed and crawl under the warm covers my self.
Typically the bliss lasts about 5-6 hours.
Jay works late. And by late I mean a typical night ends at 2:30-3AM. Sometimes if it's a hard problem, it can go until 4am.
Last night ended early at 2am.
He can't figure out how to get into bed quietly. It's more of a running leap, toss and turn 5 billion times.
Then, the nose turns on. Instant snoring. I know he can't help it. But man, I really wanted to kick him out of bed last night. The poor guy works so hard that he deserves a warm bed to crawl into as much as I do. But at 9am, he is still asleep, as where I have been up since 7am. Well out of bed anyway. I really woke up at 2 am when he came to bed. I managed to fall back asleep until 3:30 when the snoring really started.
The other night he scared me so bad. I was deep asleep when I heard this growling noise. I thought Daisy was growling at an intruder and basically jumped out of bed in my fight or flight response, only to realize that it was Jay. Snoring.
His antibiotics and steroids arrive today. Thank GOD. Seriously. Waking him up 2 times a night at minimum to blow his nose, and to turn over has got to end.
As I sit here typing I hear no noise coming from the bedroom. Just quiet blissful uninterrupted sleep.
I think I'll go take a running leap into bed and toss a few times just to make me feel better. =)

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