Tuesday, June 20, 2017

London Day 2, 1 of 2

I slept like the dead. Which is a miracle by the way, as I am known to not be able to sleep in hotels.
We packed up our suitcases, dropped them off at the left baggage room and headed out. Our plan that day was to see the Changing of the Guard, National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery. However, I thought we might try to get into Westminster Abbey first because I saw online that tickets for the day we planned were sold out and I was freaking out that I had screwed up and my child's dreams would be crushed.

Waiting for our train.

Lena's first view of the iconic Big Ben. She is not acting here. This was really her face when we exited the tube station. Seriously.

Westminster Abbey

I thought: 30 minutes before opening would be sufficient time. HA! We got there at 9:00 and there was already a massive line. We were worried we wouldn't get in and still make it to see the Changing of the Guard. So we left. We headed through St. James Park (amazing park) Did I mention that it was windy? I kept thinking it would ease up as the morning went on.
Can you tell Lena loves Trees?

Rockin' the Crocodile

One handed no less!

Buckingham Palace

Yep, the wind was destroying any chance of a good hair day.


We had a little time to waste until the Changing started. So we circled around trying to find the best vantage point. Now. I wish I had listened to my inner voice and not gone where we did. We went to the inner circle where Queen Victoria's monument is. If I had any piece of advice besides skipping the Changing of the Guard is to stay on the Mall.(rhymes with pal) You will have the freedom to leave when you want, less people and you see the important marching. This was the only thing in our entire trip that I wish we could have skipped. We wasted so much time doing nothing for something so unworthy. We found a place, and once you find one, you kinda need to stick around and hang onto it, you might not find another as good. 

While it was breezy during the ceremony, all hell broke loose as soon as it was done. There were little itsy bitsy green bugs that were sticking in everyone's hair, and clothes. The wind picked up dust and no one could see.

Finally made it to the National Gallery

I had to laugh, It was so windy and Lena refused to come out of her hood so I snapped a picture to remember the moment.

Part 2 is next!

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