Thursday, June 22, 2017

London Day 4

Sunday. We slept in today. Our goals for the day: #1 to find some decent coffee! When we were in Rome, we became addicted to our morning macchiatto. Yet when we ordered a macchiatto it was NOTHING like what we found in Rome. BTW, it turns out what we wanted to order is a Flat White. I discovered this after we returned home.

Goal #2 was to walk though Hyde Park.

There were so many runners!

What a beautiful way to spend Sunday morning!

The Italian Fountains.

Marble Arch

As much as we wanted to stay and keep exploring Hyde Park, we had places to be!

I wasn't sure we were up to the massive undertaking of The British Museum.

Doin' some Yoga!

Ok, Enough Museums for the day. Off to have some fun!
Copenhagen Flying Tiger is one of our most favorite stores! It's like the Dollar Store met with Ikea and gave birth to this store. We also went to Hell, also known as Primark. It's a bargain shoppers heaven, but you have to have 5 gallons of patience to be in there. I bought a sweatshirt because the next few days were going to be freezing and I was not prepared.

When I am in planning mode, I always try to find something special to do. In Rome we avoided the gelato because it wasn't safe. Well, London had a solution! Yorica! 

The excitement is building!

Almost our turn!

After questioning the server 50 times to ensure that the ice cream and toppings were indeed safe, she ordered 2 flavors and dug in. First scoop store ice cream in over 12 years! 

We went back to the hotel for a rest. That evening we were going to go check out Big Ben and the Parliament area. London takes on a special charm at night with all it's lights.

It was just a little windy...

The London Eye

The popular Instagram shot. There was a small line behind us waiting to take the same picture.

I think by this point we had taken 20 pictures to get her lined up just right and not have people walking by. 
Isn't it so pretty!?

London Eye all lit up

Almost time to start your ding donging Big Ben!

Westminster Abbey at night.

And back to the hotel for our early start in the morning! 

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