Thursday, June 22, 2017

London Day 6

The Tower of London!! This is one place that Lena knows inside out from her research. So for her to be stepping foot here was a dream come true!

"I can't believe I am here!"

The best thing to do when visiting the tower is to wait for the Beefeater tour. These guys know their stuff and will give you a great insight into the Tower. Of course we were a little impatient to wait and started on our own. We did catch up later and Lena wished we could go back and take the full tour. However, by the end we had been there for 4 hours and I was more than ready to leave.

The famous Ravens of the Tower

Lena, imagining what it must have been like to be Anne Boleyn on the day of her execution.

No need to have seen the Changing of the Guard, it happens here too!

The Crown Jewels!

Wild Staircases!

Traitors Gate!

When we finished inside the Tower of London, we took a stroll along the Thames to get a better look at the Tower Bridge.

I had read about this place online. It's Called St. Dunstan in the East

Nice Juxtaposition between the two buildings.


We swung by St. Paul's Cathedral

Then called it a night and went to the hotel.

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