Wednesday, June 21, 2017

London Day 2, 2 of 2

We made it inside the gallery. I could post every single painting in the gallery, but it would be overwhelming.
I discovered I enjoy dutch painters. Don't ask me to name any, but here are some examples.

Lena spent a lot of time making the same faces as in the paintings.

This painting was HUGE!

Can't you feel the hardships this woman has experienced in her life?

My husband is not one to enjoy spending time looking at art of any kind. He often quotes Seinfeld saying that he needs someone to explain the explanation to him. So I thoroughly enjoyed spending hours wandering through here with Lena.

View of St. Martin-in-the-Fields

Around Trafalgar Square

We went in search of food. We found a pub called The Marquis with seating upstairs. 

Inside St. Martin's.

After eating we went into St. Martin's and sat in a pew. It's a lovely church inside. A church has stood on this spot since 1222. This church was build in 1722. We made our way into The National Portrait Gallery which is directly behind The National Gallery. No additional pictures, but they were all beautiful, photography was not allowed inside this Gallery. However, it homes the official portraits of King Henry VIII and his wives. We spent a good 30+ minutes just on that section. 

It was still cold and windy and we were exhausted from our adventures that day. So we headed towards Piccadilly Circus.

We passed many stores like this one.

The famous Aeros.

We stopped in a huge souvenir shop and Lena bought a hat. She was tired of being cold. Turned out to be a life safer for her during the trip!

Inside the tube heading down to the platforms.

This became our go to place. We HAD to try the fish and chips. It was just ok. The fish was so big and thick, not what we were expecting. And the gerkin, NOT like the pickles Lena has come to love.

After this, we went back to the hotel and crashed.
Good night!

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